Starting with the 1903 version, Windows 10 adds fluent design to fluorescent designs in the sign-in background. “The covered texture of this moving surface helps you focus on the sign-in task by removing visible controls while accessibility controls keep their accessibility” – Microsoft explains.


Windows 10 with built-in Acrilic effect on the sign-in screen 182377

Start menu

In the Start menu, you will not get big changes, but now you can right-click a group name or tile folder and you have the option to unpin it.

Start menu with Unpin Options for group tiles and folders

When you hover over the Navigation panel in the Start menu, it will be automatically expanded shortly after. Also, when you click on the power button, you can show new icons for sleep, close, and restart.

Start menu change with Windows 10 build 18290



When starting with Windows 10 April 2019 update, when you start a search, you will notice an updated landing page with better spacing to show recent activities, which adds light theme support with some fine acrylic effects on all search filter options. .

Search revision for Windows 10 version 1903


In the taskbar, especially in Notification section, Windows 10 also includes a new “disconnected” icon that does not have any internet connection on your device. This icon will appear if there is no connection to the Internet for Ethernet, Wi-Fi and cellular adapters.

Windows 10 Taskbar Build 18252 Build Network Icon.

There is a new microphone icon in the system tray that is displayed on your microphone, which will be hovering with the mouse, also shows that any app is currently accessing the device. If you have more than one app on your microphone access, you will only see the number of apps using the device. Also, if you double click on the icon now, it will open the microphone settings page.

Along with this, you will see an updated Windows Update icon in the notification area, which an orange indicator warns you a resume pending.

Microphone icon features in Windows 10 Build 18290

Attack center

Starting with this new version, the Action Center adds a new slider to quickly adjust screen brightness.

Create Action Center Brightness Slider 18277 in Windows 10

You can rearrange and add buttons when the Settings app opens.

You need to add or remove buttons, right-click a button, select Edit, and then click on the Unpin button or the Add button, click the More button.

Also, the Action Center now introduces a shadow combining the shadow displayed along the border with other taskbar flyouts.


Light theme

Starting with Windows 10 version 1903, there is a new system light theme that brings light colors for the Start Menu, Action Center, Taskbar, Touch Keyboard, and other elements, which do not have true light-colored schemes when switching from dark to light. System theme.

Windows 10 19H1 with light theme

The new color scheme is available in Settings> Personalization> Colors and selecting Light Options under the “Choose your color” drop-down menu.

Windows 10 19H1 option to enable light theme

By using the drop-down menu, you also get a custom option that lets you use a light theme without the new changes.

In addition, this flight introduces a new default desktop wallpaper, which you can use to select the Windows Light theme at Settings> Personalization> Themes.


As part of this new version, the print experience now supports the light theme. And notice that the icons are included in the options you now have and drop-down menus will now show a line of the description.

Also, the name of the printer will now be wrapped instead of excluding the name.

Windows 10 Build 18282 Print Options

What’s new with settings experience
In the planned update for April, 2015, the Settings application has received several fixes.

On the Focus Support Settings page, Windows 10 adds a full automatic screen when you are working on a full screen to delete confusions. (Option is called “when I’m using an application in full screen mode.”)

Focus support at Windows 10 19H1


Instead of choosing each drive to see the same information, see the storage space to see how the place is used.


Recently, YouTube released a video called “Meet the New Icon for Office 365” on the channel “Microsoft Office 365”. The new icons of Office 365, along with new icons like photos, mail, calculator, calendar, file explorer and Microsoft News, are seen on the video. In the video 365’s video shots are probably given the idea, but it seems Microsoft wants to bring new icons to Windows 10.

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