2018 year! Quite a dramatic year for smartphones. If you notice from the beginning of the year, there are a lot of big changes coming to the smartphone sector which will be based on future and these will change based on our thoughts about smartphones.

Today’s writing about some of the most remarkable discoveries or features of the year. Will talk about the current-future of the smartphone How was this year’s innovations and what we can look forward to in the new one.

I will start this time of the year before. Apple introduced 3D Face Unlock with Unlocking your phone by measuring your face map with numerous dot points. Just look and unlock!

Although there was a retina scan that unlocked the eyes, the effect of Face Unlock was greatly affected! As a result, we are now seeing face-to-face solutions on almost every smartphone, and users are watching it as an important feature.

The same can be said about nach. Essential first came, then the nails in the joining of the apple were now the things that were needed.

In total, Face Neon has replaced a huge amount of changes and experience in smartphone use and design. A year ago, where people were fully fingerprint-dependent, there are not many devices on the fingerprint options such as iPhone X and the next models or the Oppo Find X like Mobile.



But here is another surprise! While many people simply bring the device with Face Unlock, leaving fingerprints, others are working in the display fingerprint sensor. This means that there will be fingerprints sensors under the phone’s display instead of the fixed fingerprint sensor.

In my opinion, this is a big deal for smartphones. In Vivo Mobile’s X21 and our reviewed VivoV11 Pro, I found this technology and one of the most innovative techniques. It’s a discovery to radically change people’s traditional ideas about smartphones!

On the other hand, when someone is putting fingerprint sensors under the display, maybe someone else is thinking about under-display cameras and censors. Recent news shows that Samsung Mobile is working on this type of Olead screen! Think from the fingerprint sensor to the front camera and the sensor is given below the display, we can get a full-screen mobile

I think it will be possible to create 97-98 percent screen-to-body ratio smartphones. I do not know how you feel, but a year ago, there was a lot of discomfort in Beijing and China. The dream was to use a one-day display device only. It turns out we are moving towards that direction. Maybe we’ll be seen in the display of foldable!

Then talk about the pop up / motorized / slide panel. The Vivo Nexus smartphone is a full-screen device that allows the camera to do so.



Looking at the OopsOfX, stepping up a step further, the motorized panel is fitted. The camera and sensors are unveiled with beautiful sounds in the panel. In my opinion, this can be an alternative way of making a full screen device but not a guaranteed escape. Because the sand is trapped by the ribbons to get stuck, the problem of going to get up again and again and again is no surprise.

Again Shawmi is offering them Mix 3 and Huawei Magic 2, and this is the kind of slideing panel. Maybe it would have to be slammed before the sliding feature phone. However, they will prefer Samsung’s under-display camera system.


Apart from these big changes, I have noticed many things throughout the whole year. These are basically surrounded by phone cameras. First of all, the camera touches more than two. The second camera is behind, so people are not using 3! My Samsung Galaxy S3 is the back of a 3-camera sensor! Samsung’s already 4-Rear camera devices are coming in at 9 models!

There were also variables or variable aperture systems in Samsung’s S9+ or Note 9 cameras. It’s a good change for me and it’s going to get a new dimension of smartphone upgrade in the future.

But I do not see any major changes or surprises in the Android operating system. Turns back and looks the same. Smartphone can create a new turn in experience, a huge change of Android or iOS! However, there is a growing increase in the use of AI or Artificial Intelligence on the smartphone! A little bit more acceptable, the taste of AI seems to have a great effect on our smartphone experience!

Lastly, in my opinion, it is worth mentioning in the big smartphone-based changes or new advent of the whole year-

• 3D Face ID

• Nearly full screen smartphone.

• In-display fingerprint sensor.

• Variable aperture and continuous innovation in the market.

Going forward, you can see the full screen screen with the Holographic screen! I hope to see a big change in the smartphone camera! What are you expecting innovation in 2019 and this year’s changes have convinced you of the comments in the comments!

Just think about how much smartphone life is affecting our lives and what we can do to improve its experience. If you like it, do not forget to share the writing. You can see our “Future of Smartphone” video made in this context below.