I will discuss the “photo post processing” application on mobile. For those who want to do serious photography with mobile Today’s discussion with photos that will be uploaded on mobile by posting and posting with some applications and the image will be accepted by everyone.


In our camera settings, we have an option on all our phones. SHOOT RAW or RAW will tell us why we will take pictures. The images we usually take on mobile are saved in all JPEG formats. Processing images of JPEG formats through mobile software and giving us an image. The image processing the image of the image itself during the process of the image. For example, sharpenes, white balance, saturation, hue, control etc., we have a JPEG picture processed in our own image.

And RAW is the opposite. Camera sensor image information, without any processing, the image that we give RAW images. Never convert a JEPG image into RAW format, the image will not have RAW, and if a RAW picture is converted to JPEG, then the JPEG format image can never be converted to RAW, but the value will not be there anymore.

Trying to get more clarity with an example –
When your hair is grown, you can go to a barber and bruise the hair in your own way, and if you want it, then the haircut can cut your hair by wishing it. The caption of the caption is like the jpeg file of the mobile, and you want to cut the RAW file according to your own process.



Now many can say, what I discussed in the inside! I am trying to tell you the first thing you need to know about editing the picture. Because the JPEG image is already processing, then processing again causes the quality of the image to get worse.

Now the question is, will I pick up the photo RAW? Or to buy JPEG?
– The size of the image of a RAW format is 20/30AM, so be careful about the phone’s storage.
If you want to have photo editing / post processing, and if you have the ability to take photos in RAW Mobile, then take a picture in the file RAW format.
-Raw is because it is a file without processing and processing it to reduce its capabilities like sharpness, white balance, saturation, hue, control, lights etc.

Below are the names of Best Editing Apps for Mobile Photography:

Every smartphone photographer has a choice of it. With Snapshot, RAW / JPEG can process images of any format.

Lightroom CC
One of the popular photo lights on the computer, which is post-processing, is an ep lightroom cc. However, currently the mobile users have also gained popularity. This allows you to process images of RAW formats.

It is basically used by Instagram users, it has 200+ preset. You can also edit video with it. Professional Color Grading can be made from Preset Options.

This app is not usually for photographers. It is for those who want to work on the manipulation or graphic design of those who are mobile. This can reduce the quality of the picture when processing images with it. Quality jpeg compression becomes 12 to 5/6. Once compression of JPEG is reduced, once the quality is reduced, it can not be taken back to the previous quality. So it is good to avoid for this epi edit.

Adobe Photoshop Express
Among the top 5 apps for photography, this app will also be replaced by Econo. It also allows processing of raw format images. It is the simplest to process it with. You can download from the Play Store and tune the presentation like Sarpensh, White Balance, Saturation, Hugh, Contrast etc. by yourself or from Presets.

Last Story:

These apps are the most useful for photographer. I do not use any other app other than these 5 apps on my mobile. If you have trouble using Apes, definitely go to YouTube and find out the tutorial by typing the name of AP.

Try to avoid preset / effect all the time. Do the process to do the picture itself. Processing 4/5 times what you think will be the best. And take a look at a better picture than picture processing. And to see better pictures, you will see more pictures.

These apps can be downloaded by google using the paid version. Whether there is any disadvantage in taking photographs or edits in the comment box. Thank you for staying with us.