Headset for computer users is an important peripheral. If you want to buy a headset for gaming or video editing, then today I introduce you to the best budget gaming and editing headset.


Gamdias Hebe E1:
Everyone wants to use less gaming headset for playing games. For this reason, the budget may be priced at Gamdias Hebe E1 whose market value is currently 1800-2000. So that:

Good direction:
Microphone: This headphone microphone is the best for audio capture. Those who have spun or live streamed gaming videos in YouTube, these headphones will be useful.


Sound Quality:

The sound quality of the headset is called overvalue medium level. But the sound clarity is very good, which allows the gamers to select the direction of the shot or footstep sounds in the game easily.

Build Quality: Really its build quality is quite good for its strong body. It is composed of the combination of plastic and metal.
Comfort: It is very important for gaming headphones, how comfortable it is! Because many people play games after heading the headset hours, it is important to be comfortable. In general, headphones are really comfortable for big yar cushions.

‘RGB’ color can not be controlled. It is an automatic shuffling of colors.

Requires improvements to the “Gamdias HERA” software associated with headphones.

In this budget, this ‘Gamdias Hebe E1’ is the best thing to say. In Bangladesh we see many China’s headphones which seem to be good but are not really good at all. So if you want to buy gaming headset in 2000 then this headset can see. Hope you enjoy sharing the article with the article. Thank you.