China’s smartphone maker Vanplas has come up with a new start. With the help of a world-renowned carmaker and Formula One racing team McLaren, a 14-second teaser was made without a teaser yesterday afternoon at the official Youtube channel of the Vanplas. In Teaser, the talk about the launch of the ‘Vanplus McLaren’ launches ‘Salute to Speed’, which is to be held at 9:30 am GMT on December 11 or 30:30 local time in Bangladesh. Although not very much, this video is a clear indication of the two-speed work together.


What IS McLaren ? (Source : Wikipedia)

  • McLaren Automotive is a British automotive manufacturer, which is located at McLaren Technology Center in Voing, Surrey. The company’s main product is manufactured internally in sports cars, generally nominated production facilities. In July of 2010, McLaren Autos became the 100% owned subsidiary of the Greater McLaren Group.


A part of Vanplus’s official website has been arranged by announcing the event.



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It can be assumed that the McLaren version of the Vanplus 6 will be released in the market on the 12th of December launch event. The device may be the masterpieces of the most important components of the production of MacLaren cars and parts, ‘carbon fiber’, or a masterpiece of Bacchele-rich beasts or McLaren’s Iconic ‘Papaya Orange’ color. But this is not the first time, but before that the special edition smartphone has been made by creating a ‘Wayanplus’. In March last year, the French fashion house ‘Colette’ took part in the partnership of the Vanplus 3 All-Black Coal Editions. Apart from this, the Vanplus 5 Star Wars Edition was released in December last year. And the last special edition was Vanplus 6’s Avengers Edition. Sadly, this special edition handset is very few in number and the price is a bit higher.

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It should be noted that two companies, Vanplus and McLaren have come out of zero and have changed the game in their respective fields. Both believe that any information is too small or no effort is too big for the sake of perfection. There are two small groups of people who have been representing the speed of the world today, making a big dream of some big dreams. One Plus has gifted us at a comparatively affordable premium smartphone and MacLaren is famous for their Staat of the Art Sports cars.

With this version, it is possible to run the 10 GB Ram segment with the addition of an airplane! I will know what will happen 1 date. Until then, do not forget to keep eyes, get new updates on