Bezelless phone was being seen from the beginning of the year 2018. If the bezel is left the top bottom is China. But without the addition of the Chinese, the top faces of the front faces camera, earpieces and censors, the nouveau to emerge. But the companies wanted to make 100% body-to-screen ratios. In this case, front-facing camera, earpieces and sensors became a problem. Then with Vivo Nex, the original mechanical pop-up front camera technology, then OOPO is equipped with their FX X, a matroised panel where front-facing cameras and sensors are installed. A few days ago, Shawomi unveiled their M mix 3 such that there is a slide panel like Apollo X, but it is not a matroised, mechanical like the previous Nokia SlidePhone. Subsequently, Huawei’s Sub Brand Onr released their Magic 2 and released a slide panel like Shoemi Mi Mix 3. Even though they showed the slides before the mix 3, the slide panel.


Specification –
An interesting aspect of another Magic 2 phone is its body-to-screen resolution of 94.8%. The phone has a display of 6.39 inches of emolled panels. Whose resolution is 1080 × 2340 pixels and display density is 403 ppi The technology used in display protection was not properly known.

The phone has been used as a system on-chip, Huawei’s own hyaliconline Kirin The Magic 2 phone uses their new Kirin 980 chips, made of 7nmometer technology. And the graphics processing unit will be as Mali G 76 MP10. The phone will be available in three variants of 6/128 and 8/128 and 8/256 GB. Another variant of 512 GB can be found from the next month so that the EXTRA has 3d sensing face unlock and additional features like graphline cooling.

Hybrid SIM slots were also used on the phone. Two nano sizes can be used in the range, or up to 256 GB Micro SD card can be used for the 2nd SIM.

Glass is used in the back of the phone. On the top left side of the phone there are 3 cameras and a dual tone flash. There is no fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone, rather than optical technology in display fingerprint sensor. Because of the screen-to-body ratio of 94.8%, its bezel is not there and there is some curve beside the display. Curving the main body frame of the phone is not a problem to catch the phone. Below is a speaker and USB 3.1 type C port. There is no earphone jack on the phone. There are 3400 ml-empire non-removable batteries.

There are 3 cameras behind Magic 2. One of which is the 16-megapixel main sensor, whose application is f / 1.8, another is a 16-megapixel Super Wide Angle Sensor whose application is f / 2.2, and lastly a 24-megapixel pixel monochrome sensor, which is used in f / 1.8.

Three cameras have been used in front of the phone, one of which is the 16-megapixel main sensor, which is f / 2.0 and two depth sensing sensors of 2 mega pixels, and both of them are f / 2.4.

One of the most attractive aspects of the phone is its under-display fingerprint sensor. Magic 2’s under-display fingerprint will be accompanied by Huawei’s fake Recoding of 3D biosensing technology. Huawei has used their voice print technology technology.

An Android pie can be found in the phone out of the box. Another used their own Magic Ui 2, which is a rebuild of Huawei’s EMUI 9.0. This magical man will live in Yuyo’s own Yoyo Assistant

Moreover, the phone has used 40 watt magic charge 2. Again, it is claimed that 85% of the charges can be charged within 30 minutes with Magic Charge 2, and the phone will be protected.

The phone will be available in 3 colors, red, black and blue and a gradient effect is given in each color.

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