After the last two episodes, thanks to those who came again and again to read. Today’s writing is about 40 thousand budget laptops. Like the 2nd episode today, the budget crosses 43 thousand people. Today’s highlighted laptops are basically targeted for official work, but if you want to light gaming you can safely.


Thank you very much for the role. Today’s lucky laptop is tex giant Asus’s ‘X540UB Core i3 8th Gen’. In advance, you can expect a keyframe from a laptop in this budget. In this budget, you have ‘core i3’ processor, four gb ram, 1 terabyte hard disk with HD display and with density battery. Considering all these aspects, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Dell have lost all of them and won Best Config in Price.

Now come true words. Once you see this model of Asus, you are forced to fall in love with it. I’m sure that you will see your eyes glazed with the slim body that looks brushed aluminum finish. But I suspect that it is aluminum. But the drawback was like the basel dhanake. It did not help to reduce the bezel even if it came in 2018. It seems bad for me in all of this budget.

The laptops are only 1.90kg in weight, because of which the device can be easily transported. Looks like slim. There are more than 15.6 inches 1920 x 1080 pixel FHD LED display. The quality of which I think was average, but I think it would be right to think about the budget. I’m going to say perfect for movie or office work.

Now going to the hardware section.

Intel’s core i3-8130 8th Gen processor, which has clock speeds ranges from 2.0 GHz to 3.40 GHz, will offer the best performance in this budget. Cash memory is 4 MB RAM has 4 GB DDR4 2133 MHz But the best thing is the Extra RAM slot, which allows you to upgrade the RAM up to 20 GB. As a result, the experience of working on a laptop will be faster and smoother.

There is a 1 terabyte hard drive for storage, which is enough for you to save your data. There is also a M.2 ssd slot through which you can sew super fast storage.

After reading this time, you might think that these configurations are available in 40 thousand, why did the budget go to 43 thousand? Answer me. The main reason for the rise in today’s budget is the 2 GB Nvidia Mx 110 GDDR5 Graphics Card. The entry-level graphic card, previously known as GT 920MX, has been upgraded to some Nvidia Mx 110 for laptops. Being a dedicated graphics card, your graphics performance will be accompanied by an impression of light thin gaming as well as Anayas. But the heavy gamers are away from this device.

Asus did not keep the ports like Asap, but the Asus did not lack the port. On the left side there is a micro SD card slot, a USB3.0, 2 USB2.0 port, as well as an HDMI display display. There are also 3.5mm millimeter earphone jack combo. Nothing but a DVD drive on the right. Asus could easily give USB Type-C port or port of Ethernet easily.

I would call the laptop’s sound imprecise. In the bottom firing speaker two, you get the decent sound.
3 Cells 33 Whrs The backup of the battery will satisfy you in this budget. A 65W power adapter will be available for charging. And you can be sure of its heating issue. I did not get any issues except for a few minor drawbacks.

Now the question of crore taka will take this laptop in the budget? I can tell you to close your eyes. Appropriate Descent Performance with Gorgeous Liking Asaraqi If you want to know the model of laptop of other companies in this budget, tell it in the comments. I hope you can help. take care .