Shawmy’s Black Shark 2 release is today. It has been named ‘Black Shark Hillo’. In April of 2012, Shoomi released their first brand “Black Shark” on the brand’s BlackBrand Black Shark. In the next 5 months they release the Black Shark II.

A black shark back case, a 3.5-mm headphone connector, type C cable, quick charge 3 adapter, SIM tray opener, black shark joystick and black shark stickers are now available in the phone box with the phone. Shawomi uses the IPS LCD display in their Black Shaw, but they use Super Amoled display on Black Shark II. The 6-inch Super Amoled Panel has been used in Black Shark II. Whose resolution is 1920 × 1080 or full hd This time the Chinese are quite thick, but there is no stereo speaker on the display, but it is still unknown.


Photo source: KKJ.CN
There has been a massive change in the phone’s design lineup. Dual setup camera is expected sometime in the middle and the cameras have been given in vertical lines instead of two. Flash light is on top of the camera. The fingerprint reader below the camera and the Black SAARC logo below it. The document is RGB supported. There are special shark buttons on the left side of the body and a little RGB Pulse Panel.

Shark Mood can be turned on by shark button which is the gaming mood. On shark mode, the phone will push full performance and no app notification will be available. RGB Pulse Panel is one of the attractions of this year. The call is actually a message or notification, or it also flashes, and the pulse effect is similar to the previous Black Shark 1. You can choose the color of it yourself. Power button and volume rocker on the right side of the body. There are options to record the screen when pressing the power button and volume up button. Type c port on the bottom of the body but there is no headphone connector port. For this reason, type C to 3.55 millimeter yeraphone jack dongle has been given in box. Two Nano SIMs can be used on the phone. There is no micro SD card slot.

The phone body just like the previous model, Metal Build. Green color matching with black in full body is really great to see. But this year’s blackheads are a bit wider than the previous model.

The phone has Snapdragon 845 as its chipset and Jepy is Adreno 630. There are 6/64 and 8/128 and 10/256 GB of 3 variant. No extranal memory can be used on the phone. This time the liquid cooling technology has been used on the phone. The phone is currently running on the Android 8.1 OS platform. There are 12+ mega pixel dual rear cameras installed in the camera section but no camera sensor has been used. The front 20 mega pixel front facing camera.

The battery of the phone has 4000 ml empire cross-battery. The phone is charged with a quick charge of 4.

The Joystick with Black Shark is connected to the phone via Bluetooth, and it has a Type-C port for charging. From the previous joystick, I noticed the changes quite a bit.


Photo source: KKJ.CN
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